Fintex Assets Recovery Company was founded for the purpose of protecting people worldwide against any online fraud, with a focus on unregulated Forex and Binary Options Brokers. They have already claimed millions of victims with an even higher turnover. Our crack team of skilled professionals shares decades of combined experience and we have all either worked in the options and forex industry or in international banking and cybercrime law. Our leverage is the ability to damage their processing and banking funnels.

How We Started

Ever since 2014 and shortly after the credit crash in the USA, people lost their confidence in banks and the traditional ways of investing money. This likely happened because most investments were made through the banks themselves.

People started to look for alternative investment methods and rightly so. However this opened a window of opportunity for fraudulent activities and allowed “scam brokers” to saturate the market.

After thoroughly researching this field over the years, we at Payback have found several legal loopholes and various methods available to allow retrieval of funds that have either been stolen or misused

Our team is made up of people who have worked in the financial industry for a long time and have a good understanding of just how bad a broker can be. We also know how a company should act and when their ethics are in question, we are quick to act & very good at tracking them down.

While we research brokers, we are able to locate most companies’ management and find loopholes to retrieve our clients’ funds. No one knows the process of retrieving funds and online scams better than us. As former industry professionals, we also know what a great investment looks like. We encourage fair and honest trading but make it our mission to take action when we encounter a fraudulent company making money off someone looking to start trading.

Fintex is fully dedicated to its clients and their reimbursement. We always provide the best service to everyone and do our best to keep people informed on how to avoid these scams.

Why We are Your Best Deal

We work diligently in Recovering Stolen Funds

Owing to our experience helping clients recover funds in investment fraud cases (such as those listed above), we have considerable knowledge of the sophisticated ways fraudulent investment companies target investors and are operated, as well as how professional misfeasance can cause people to lose money. This expertise means we’re ideally placed to help creditors and investors get compensation by holding fraudsters and negligent professionals to account. However it is incredibly important to know that every case is unique. After taking the time to get to know you and your circumstances, we compile our expertise, research, and proven judgment to devise a plan to recover your assets in the most time and cost-efficient manner. Our methods have been proven time and time again to get the desired outcome of our clients. In our method we are knowledgeable and intelligent, in our manner we are determined and tenacious. Your interest is our best interest.


Online Fraud has increased exponentially in recent times with the growth in popularity of crypto-currencies (Bitcoins and Altcoins), Binary Options, Forex and the likes.

We at Fintex as made it a point of duty to take up cases of fraud and help our clients fight and get their money back.

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