Fintex has a lot of experience with scams all over the internet and has the capacity to consult potential investors whether they should engage with a so-called broker or not.

From our experience, pre-investment consulting has proven to eliminate thousands of fraudulent activities that might occur otherwise, hence preventing victimization, frustration, and anger of clients all over the world in the right time.

You shouldn’t invest unless you got our permission to do so. In 2019, it’s more likely than not that you’re giving your money away to a broker who isn’t brokering at all. We have the ability to recognize which are true and trustworthy companies and which are false, phony and unreliable.

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Tel: +1 (347) 2868 920
Our client reaches us, via mail or phone. *Mail should require all the details so our representative will be informed while making the first call.

The email must require the name of the broker/agency/company, we have a lot of emails going on, make it easier for us to categorize assessments.
A call – you get a call or we get a call from you. In this conversation, our representative will elaborate on the information we have about such company, including a history of frauds we got from that company, assuming we did get, of course.

Not every company out there is a fraud, that’s where we get into the picture to help you from our experience to check the reliability of each of them and whether or not they’re worth working with.
If they reach out to you already, and you put money to them we help you through several directions:
  • Opening a chargeback case against credit card company, with an attached well-written letter by experienced lawyers we hire.
  • Opening a dispute against the banks, also known as recall process and confronting the ombudsman of the bank directly when is necessary.
  • Threatening the owners of the scam company directly for tax evasion, in order to reach a settlement through which your money will be released (otherwise, they’re in trouble, see Banc-De-Binary on Wikipedia, for example)

We have in-depth experience of assisting clients with transforming critical and complex issues into opportunities for resilience and long-term advantage. Contact us, let us help you recover your stolen funds.

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